Feds Okay Start-up That Monitors Employees’ Internet and Social Media Footprints – Kashmir Hill

“We recommend that companies inform their employees about this ongoing monitoring,” says Andrews. The company only provides monitoring services if a client has a social media policy set up with its employees. Most of the time, Social Intelligence is scanning the Web for employees’ disclosure of confidential or proprietary information, professional misconduct, or illegal activity. Andrews said though that monitoring does sometimes extend to looking to make sure an employee isn’t criticizing the company somewhere or getting into Internet fights with colleagues. (The company will not monitor ex-employees.)
Why outsource this? For one, it can be hard to keep track of lots of employees. Plus Social Intelligence has proprietary technology for linking people with pseudonyms or online names they might use in place of the offline name known to their employer. For another, Social Intelligence can screen out information that an employer shouldn’t see — or risk discrimination charges — such as an employee’s religion or sexuality (depending on the state), before sending their report along.