Tracking the Online Threat Analysis Centers

All of these sites suffer from some of the same drawbacks. First, there is the needle in the haystack situation. There are hundreds of new attacks each day and most exploits aren’t really going to do much damage. The few big-ticket items are often hidden underneath the copious number of alarms for the minor ones. For those of you that don’t monitor these exploits, it is worthwhile (and somewhat depressing) to take a gander at one of these sites and see how much garbage is streaming through the average router.
Second, there is no standardized virus or threat naming system, so the same threat can be called completely different things by each vendor. This makes cross-site comparisons almost impossible until a virus gains enough notoriety that the press can bring some kind of consistency. Of course, by the time the press gets a hold of something, it might be too late for you to do much about it in terms of protecting your network.