The Art of Memetics — Beta Editions 

The Art of Memetics
Mastermind Edition


This book combines marketing, magic, theory on group minds, and memetics, while using the concept of networked complex systems (cybernetics) to explain how ideas, goals, and desires can manifest in one’s environment and through social interaction. It’s in many ways an engineering book for magicians on synchronicity. We believe that taking these tools from marketing, institutional control systems, and giving them away freely in a book written for the culture jammer, will only strengthen the community internally (plus we do want to sell a few books… we’ve worked on this book for over a year.)

We don’t have a sales page or website for the book yet, and what is available is available for friends and people who’ve kept up with this blog. What is available is nearly the final first edition (still contains typos) and includes Introduction by J. Matheny, table of contents, Forward by Taylor Ellwood, over a hundred footnotes, and an extensive bibliography. When the first edition comes out (complete with Index and ISBN number) the cover price will be $24.99 USD. What we now have available is at the lower price of $23.23 USD, and a digital copy is only $5.

However, we know that it only takes a few clicks and suddenly everyone’s out there sharing your book on the torrents. The Art of Memetics itself is about using and riding the distribution paths of rhizomatic networks, and as such we were developed a Pirate Edition, accessible here. It’s the one that you can feel good about giving away to anyone who’s interested. This copy is enabled with live links to allow the reader to go directly to the page and buy a physical copy at full price if they want.

The Art Of Memetics: Pirate Edition