Art of Memetics Notes 

So, I’m reposting a reference guide to networking as an artist, this is the final rough notes that are going into the book Ars Memetica, and I’m working with now to validate and verify the theories that run through the book.

Artists rely on networks to grow their audience, and as such it would probably help to have a fair idea of what to look for on the social networks out there that already exist, so here you go…

First, the big one:

Look for these groups:

  • Art for Artists™
  • Killer Art !!!!
  • The New Creative Outreach Group: A True Artist Group
  • Artist’s Salon
  • ART
  • Artists United
  • Myartspace Artists on Myspace

Other Social Network Groups for Artists:

  • Burning Man
  • The Business of Art
  • Art//Life
  • Artist’s Welcome!
  • Burning Man Art

  • Designers Corner (18,583 members)
  • I luv Oil Painting (3,726 members)
  • Painting and Art in General (16,838 members)
  • Art Directors:Design web print (5,644 members)
  • OIL PAINTING ARTIST CLUB (4,242 members)
  • Passion of Graphic Design (4,060 members)

  • Artists (inspiration encouragement )
  • Musicians & Artists
  • Writers and Artists For Freedom

  • painting, mural & graffity lovers
  • Drawing and Painting