Ray Carney – Alterati Correspondent

I’ve long wanted to know how Ray Carney is like in person, so when I saw a letter-writer mentioning Carney on Altertube… wait.. I know Carney..
I’m amazed that they let him interview these people, honestly…

Check it: An interview with Aaron Harris, drummer for the ambient post-metal group Isis – Ray Carney landed that shit:

Aaron Harris on Isis

That’s not all, either:

Pigmy Love Circus!
Part One
, Part Two,
& Part Three

and he even interviewed 2/3rds of Butcher:

Butcher: Sasha Popvich

Butcher: Camella Grace

Oh, and artists too…

Last Call with Chet Zar

Q & A with Lori Early

Seriously. Shit’s kick-ass. It’s nice to hear famous people talked to by a real person rather than some corporate schulb.