Obama/Clinton update

NYT: Clinton and Obama playing catch-up on policy ideas
April 18, 2007. Both the Clinton and Obama campaigns are now playing catch-up on policy ideas. John Edwards, who’s running third in fund-raising and the early polls, has tried to grab attention by releasing a series of specific proposals.
John Edwards ’08 Blog:

National Primary Poll Averages
By Chris Bowers
These three charts produce three different margins between Clinton and Obama: 7.33%, 6.33%, and 10.33%. It would not be accurate to average these three gaps, since some polls are included in more than one of these averages. …

Barack the House Link Party – 04/18/07
By Neil Jensen
Barack Obama — Clinton’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, according to the early preference polls — has kept pace with her fundraising juggernaut. And in some ways, Obama’s first-quarter take was more impressive than that of …
Vermonters for Obama

USA TODAY POLL: Obama Catching Up with Clinton
By Christopher
Corporate America and the mainstream media might want to delay the coronation of Hillary Clinton. There’s every indication of a dramatic shift in the presidential race and his name is Barack Obama. In the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, …
From the Left

What Obama and Clinton Fans View Online
Tacoda paired its data with ComScore’s to determine what visitors to Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s campaign sites look at elsewhere online.
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