I’m somewhat fascinated with politics…

and it’s beginning to begin, the presidential race is already being created, the news is beginning to impact already, and we’re ostensibly two years away from the actual election event.

But at this point, the first two names I feel confident in creating google alerts for is “Obama Clinton” in that order.

Because I suspect that’s the way it will shake out.

(A close second would be Gore/Clinton, but I’m not going to take that bet)

Will Hillary Skip Iowa? Will Anyone else come?
By noneed4thneed: Century of the Common Iowan
Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is not laying the adequate groundwork for a presidenial
campaign in the first caucus state and that many are starting to speculate she
may not run if Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) enters the race. …

Please, Al Gore, Run for President

As I survey the list of possible Democratic contenders for the 2008 presidential
nomination — Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Kerry, Vilsack, Biden — I grow ever more
wishful that Al Gore would run. As he’s been saying for over a year now, …

Obama’s Weapon On Clinton: Iraq
By Paramendra Bhagat: Democracy Forum: Americana

Clinton versus Obama: Is there any difference? MSNBC Right now the two most
prominent names in speculation about the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination
are Illinois senator and best-selling author Barack Obama, and New York senator …

2008: Obama is for real
By Chris Woods: Political Forecast
And evidently, the threat is real enough that Hillary Clinton might even be
afraid of him. But she shouldn’t just be afraid of Obama, but surviving the
primary process itself. You can read some of the problems Chuck Todd foresees in a …

WH ’08: For Hillary, It’s All About Iowa
By redhorse:
psychobilly democrat
He thinks the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton cycle, essentially a generation of two
family … I can count on one hand the people I know that are passionate about
Hillary Clinton. … Obama, if he’s in, will play well in Iowa, believe me. …

Anyway, final thought…

Because there’s so much bad noise around the topic, I’m jumping to the conclusion that when people say that it’s better for the US to win in the war on Iraq, better for the world, better for the country, I can’t help but wonder if the dialogue about a graceful exit in Iraq that these people claim isn’t happening is actually happening… and the upwardly ramping rhetoric is there as obfuscation.

The single campaign underlying issue is going to be Iraq. Probably all we will hear on public policy are going to be bad juju about Katrina and FEMA, and weirdness about democracy and it’s role in today’s spun-out tweaker culture. America’s adrenals are shot. we’re burned out. There’s a black veil across our future, and weird shit keeps happening overseas. Ee’ve stopped all shipments of Ipods and Plasma televisions to North Korea because things are just getting too fucking insane for us over there. That’s what we do with weird shit if you are a true american. That hegemonic line, hugged for all it’s worth, anything to stop the shakes. Another bolt of coffee, and a line of something white, something red, against a blue stared square……….