Google Dump

A Note: From time to time I will be dumping google links and references that I feel are important to the overall research in which I am doing. These will generally be news feed or google searches cut from the source and posted here. This is the first such dump, and is focused on the google news alerts I currently track.

Internet becomes affordable in Bangladesh
Developing Telecoms (press release) – 1 hour ago
pent-up demand for Internet access in rural Bangladesh and that mobile networks are the to the Internet will have a profound effect on the social and economic

Thailand wants to measure happiness as well as wealth
The News – International, Pakistan – 3 hours ago
poorest in the country, but according to a new measure of social well-being Noppadon is a founding member of the Well-Being Index Networks, created earlier this

Social Networks and Advogato
Advogato – 3 hours ago
But the recentlog page is much quieter than it used to be. Is this for social reasons, technical reasons or both? In planning “social
Ending rot in America’s grass roots
Christian Science Monitor, MA – 3 hours ago
Civic groups that connect right-leaning Americans through networks of friends and the “netroots,” the nexus of political activism and social networking sites

James Petras’ New Book: The Power of Israel in the United States
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada – 4 hours ago
new arrivals as well as an erosion of the nation’s social programs because The Jewish networks here support these practices as justifiable compensation allowed

Public pressure for change
Hindustan Times, India – 4 hours ago
in the corporate world are also going beyond mere tokens of social responsibility. the next story shows, the creative use of new technology networks is helping

Want to Build Up Blog Buzz? Start Writing Checks for $8 (subscription) – 5 hours ago
And then there’s the thorny issue of disclosure. “This could undermine the entire social fabric of social networks,” said Patrick Rooney, president of Expand
Give us the power to transform
The Age, Australia – 6 hours ago
for all students and reducing the negative impact of social and economic Principals everywhere must become active members of global networks, thus contributing

Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs
Wired News – 6 hours ago
New rules for soldiers using government computers and networks required would-be about soldiers and their families such as addresses, social security numbers

Sun Microsystems Kicks Off Company-Wide Mentorship Program
SYS-CON Media, NJ – 7 hours ago
strategies to achieve the MDGs and promote peace, create their own networks for exchanging always believed in the power of the network and the social impact of

Anti-G8 International Action Conference, Rostock Nov 10-12
Indymedia UK, UK – 8 hours ago
debt, environmental damage, wars and the dismantling of social and democratic environmental federations, left-wing and anti-racist networks, unions, political

Management Reshuffles – Weekly Recap
Trading Markets, CA – 8 hours ago
a leading maker of semiconductors used in broadband networks, revealed the The company that sells various social expression products incurred a loss in the

The insular world of intelligence reaches out for a few new ideas
U.S. News & World Report, DC – 8 hours ago
But for all the esoteric talk about jihadism, group dynamics, and social networks, the SHARP participants had a second mission: to change the way US
Harold Doan and Associates (press release), CA – 11 hours ago
mortality, lack of access to education, as well as other social ills all They will employ the ideas, networks and initiatives from their summit brainstorming

Harold Doan and Associates (press release), CA – 12 hours ago
protection and empowerment of women and support for their networks and initiatives inclusive approach to peace and security and address key social and economic to Launch the First Social Networking Site, Romania – 12 hours ago
While we love broad based social networks like MySpace, we passionately believe that a more focused approach is necessary to drive true value to dads.

‘Taking Work Coffee Break Is Good For You’
Life Style Extra, UK – 13 hours ago
Networks formed at work often spill over into a person’s social life and regions that have better networks tend to be happier places with lower crime rates.”.